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              Fireproof glass door: how to ensure that the fireproof door can play a role in critical times

              2022-04-12 876

              How to ensure that the fire door can give full play to its ideal effect in critical time?

              1. Select appropriate types

              According to the relevant specific introduction of fire doors, we can know that at this stage, they are divided into various types and different levels, and the data used by different types of fire doors and the fire accidents that can be handled are also different. Therefore, in order to ensure that the effect of steel fire doors is more prominent in the critical time, we should choose a worthwhile fire door? The appropriate type shall be selected according to the total area scale of the use scenario and its estimated effect.

              2. Installation standard and timely

              In order to make the critical time produced by the fire accident of the fire door give full play to the ideal effect, it is a strict whole, which is not easy to spread the fire and its smoke and dust through the gap. Therefore, in order to make it give full play to the ideal effect at the time of serious damage, it is necessary to ensure that each process can be operated according to the standard in the whole process of installation, and the installation is timely and no gap is left.


              3. Do a good job in daily protection and maintenance

              As the saying goes, a high-quality and reliable fire door is a kind of fire safety equipment to prevent accidents. Under normal circumstances, it is necessary to carry out normal protection and maintenance for the fire door, especially for the anti-theft lock cylinder and lock point of the fire door to prevent rust. In addition, it is also necessary to carry out protection and maintenance for the surface to ensure that it is not easy to be scratched.

              On the whole, in order to enable the fire door to give full play to its ideal effect in case of fire accidents and other safety hazards, the first thing to do is to select the fire door suitable for the situation, and the second is to carry out the installation according to the relative standards and instructions to ensure the accurate installation. In addition, it is also necessary to do a good job in the ordinary protection and maintenance of the fire door. Long service life and other characteristics.

              Article source: fireproof glass door http://www.wvbnbs.com/