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              How to distinguish the quality of single fireproof glass?

              2021-10-30 1573

              1. Equipment conditions:

              No matter how to make a single piece of fireproof glass, it can't be done without some equipment, so if the manufacturer doesn't have the equipment, it can't make fireproof glass.

              2. Particle size of glass

              If a single piece of fireproof glass is broken, its particle size is small and the number is large, which is far greater than the requirement of 40 particles within the range of 50 * 50mm in the national standard. If there are only dozens of particles, it is generally only tempered glass, not to mention 40 particles.


              3. Check the internal stress of glass

              Internal stress, the national standard doesn't say how much the internal stress of fireproof glass should be, but experts know.

              In addition, glass of equal size and thickness can be separated by the feeling of hands, which varies from person to person.

              4. The latter move: the composition of glass is different, the particle size and stress are also different, so the national standard does not clarify how much it should be. We can only rely on experience and advocate the selection of large manufacturers and manufacturers with a long history before production and development.

              Article source: monolithic fireproof glasshttp://www.wvbnbs.com/