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              What are the problems of composite fireproof glass in fire fighting

              2022-05-04 938

              Some supervisors mistakenly think that the door made of fireproof glass is the fireproof door, the partition made of fireproof glass is the fireproof glass partition, and the window made of fireproof glass is the fireproof window. We should clearly grasp that fireproof glass, fireproof glass partition, fireproof door and fireproof window are different fire-fighting products, and we should check the corresponding inspection report, and the fireproof door should also have the type inspection statement.


              During the inspection, the fire resistance of fire-proof glass should not be briefly asked, but should be carefully compared to check whether the fire-proof glass scale in the report is consistent with the on-site practice. The fire resistance of fire-proof glass partition wall also depends on the structural structure and the connection and fixation method between glass and structure. During the inspection, you should also check whether the engineering practice of fire-proof glass partition wall is constructed according to the equipment provided by the manufacturer. For example, the thermal insulation structural system is used. Because the composite thermal insulation fire-proof glass is used, the colloid in the glass will foam and swell when heated, so there should be some gaps between the glass and the structure during the equipment; The non insulated structural system uses single piece of fireproof glass. In a fire, the single piece of fireproof glass will soften and sag, so the equipment structural system should clamp the glass tightly and leave no gap.

              Article source: composite fireproof glass http://www.wvbnbs.com/